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When it comes to sex, Virgos always bring their "A" game. They work particularly well with other signs that encourage their spontaneity. And when a Virgo finds their perfect sexual partner, all bets are off.

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Virgos and Libras are opposites that attract. Virgos are pretty regimented, while Libras crave spontaneity. They are so different that they tend to balance each other out. For instance, Libras love to be pampered, while Virgos enjoy showing folks a good time.

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This dynamic can create a great give-and-take between them in the bedroom. Cancers and Virgos are passionate, nurturing signs.

They're quite good at developing emotional bonds with others because they're very intuitive. As a result, they both love intimacy because it gives them a chance to build intense, romantic relationships with other people.

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If a Virgo and a Cancer fall in love, they'll connect on a deep level. Together, they'll embody "making love.

Geminis and Virgos are very different, but can agree on one thing: They love sex. They might find one another's personalities frustrating, but that dissonance can foster a heightened sexual tension.

Geminis are intrigued by Virgos' pragmatic sensibilities, while Virgos are turned on by Gems' quick wit and sensual energy. Virgos and Taureans are both stubborn signs, and therefore, may not be the best romantic pairing. Virgo and Taurus' sexual chemistry is off the charts. Virgos might enjoy pleasing their partners, but when it comes to serving others, Taureans could give them a run for their money. Cancer : Although these signs share many differences, they are actually incredibly well suited for one another.

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Each one brings something different to the table making for a balanced, even relationship. Both Cancer and Virgo natives are also deeply caring individuals that love to dote upon their partners, making this a union full of consideration and compassion. Capricorn : Virgo and Capricorn have a tendency to be just like two peas in a pod when it comes to many things.

They are both hard-working, diligent individuals who place a strong degree of importance on intellectualism and conservative living. Their outlooks in regards to their social life as a couple are similar as well, with both of them preferring quality over quantity when it comes to their circle.


Virgo Compatibility

It is easy for these two to see eye to eye when it comes to all the major points of the relationship, making their union a harmonious one built to stand the test of time. Gemini : These are two signs that have a great tendency to bring out the worst in each other.

Gemini sees Virgo as incredibly dull and boring while Virgo sees Gemini as too impractical and flighty. In most cases, this is not a love match built to endure over time.

Fickle Libra may eventually decide to look for greener pastures elsewhere. This match makes for an extremely complicated relationship in which it will be difficult to find a balance.


Aries : Although this pairing can be made to work with a proper amount of dedication on either side, these two are primarily too headstrong and stubborn in their own ways for things to run very smoothly. Aries likes to be the leader in all things and be the one to call all the shots, while Virgo very definitely has its own way it like things to be done. Compromise is the watchword here. If the two can learn to master it, then this relationship stands an excellent chance of success.