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This would not be my choice of dates to begin a trip, or buy tickets for one. It is also not a good day for the signing of contracts. This would be especially the case if 17 to 19 degrees of the mutable signs were at important placements in your natal map. As you can see Jupiter is transiting very close to its exact square to Neptune on June 16 th.

So a T-Square is in the making between these three planets, but the exact opposition is as state above, between Mercury and Jupiter. This means confused communication both on interpersonal levels as well as in terms of national and international travel. In essence, this would not be my choice of days to be either on the road or in the skies as delays and confusion are very likely. As for Venus trine Saturn, if you have 18 to 20 degrees of the earthy signs prominent, this could be a very good day for you professionally or financially.

Saturn and Pluto are closer in May and early June than they will be until December of this year. This proximity gives rise to very intense expression of power on both the Right and Left, Conservative and Liberal facets of society.

Grand Sextile/Star of David, July 29 2013

Obviously this has led and will continue to lead into serious world conflicts. On the personal level, look for 19 to 23 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries to point the way to where such life challenges and their opportunities for growth! But in terms of June 2 nd and 3 rd and the earthy signs, today just may be the day for an extra scoop of gelato and never mind the cost! I like the positive combinations of Mercury and Uranus as they lead to innovating thinking and to very interesting conversations.

Jupiter square Neptune in these signs leads to religious extremism and misplaced or exaggerated idealism. Saturn sextile Neptune attempts to try to balance the ideal and the real, the aspirational and the more rational. All three of these planets are in their most powerful positions, i. So where does this leave the world and you dear readers with 17 to 19 degrees of the zodiac prominent in your natal horoscope?

Well, not in such an easy place in my view.

Natal Neptune Retrograde Meaning

The square aspect is stronger than the sextile. This combination of planetary influences will be like trying to plug up holes in a net while the net continues to be woven. Extending this analogy further, this is like trying to create allowable areas for fishermen to fish while the fishermen themselves insist of fishing in the entire ocean without restraint.

I like these two words together for now just like in ages past, religious doctrines and political ambitious often hold hands and merge stimulating chaos in their path. Example: the meaning of these transits would be quite different to a person with 18 Sag rising or an 18 Sag Moon or an 18 Sag Sun, or these same positions at 18 Libra, etc.

Yet all would have the theme of being careful not to overly exaggerate and to harmonize idealism with a more practical sensitivity. June Venus enters Gemini on June 9 at 1. This will be a very confusing time in international relations as well as in international travel and travel in general.

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If I had a choice, I would not choose to travel on these days and should I do so, I would expect delays and other associated disruptions along the way. The collective emotional field is upset, feelings are exaggerated, and territoriality reigns.

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These will not be calm and serene hours in the world as the Moon will trigger squares to Mars, the Nodes, Saturn, and Pluto. On a personal level, these degrees in the Cardinal signs will be especially sensitive. I would not plan to drive or travel, nor would I engage in conversations that require subtlety and diplomacy. I would also be as objective as possible to my inner dialogue. Please review what was written re June 9 to Mars vivifies the collective emotional body when trine to Neptune.

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  8. This can bring about a lot of active compassion in the world but it may also bring about certain power conflicts once he opposes Saturn and moves along to oppose Pluto a few days from now. These are obviously very stressful transits! We should note that the next pair of eclipses takes place in July in Cancer and Capricorn. They thus focus on issues of personal and national security, issues of which I will have more to say in the next edition of this newsletter.

    Saturn Sextile Neptune, Spiritual Work Manifests into Material Form. January 31st 2019

    Hello everyone. Otherwise, please read on…. Transits have an orb of effect in their length of time through which the astrology student knows when and for how long a certain transit will be in effect. The general rule for orbs that I use and there are exceptions—a topic for another month , is 1 degree or a bit more applying and a bit less than 1 degree for separating.

    Mars by transit would thus be effectively square the natal Sun from about This would normally take about 4 days. This means that instead of an influence lasting a matter of days, the transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can last from months to years! Degrees influenced: in Sag by conjunction; these same degrees in Gemini by opposition; in Pisces and Virgo by square.

    If these degrees are in Aries or Leo, the effect is by trine and if in Aquarius or Libra, the transiting aspect is a sextile. Saturn: Station— Degrees influenced: in Capricorn by conjunction; these same degrees in Cancer by opposition; in Aries and Libra by square. If these degrees are in Taurus or Virgo, the effect is by trine and if in Scorpio or Pisces, the transiting aspect is a sextile. Uranus: Station—2. Degrees influenced: in Taurus by conjunction, these same degrees in Scorpio by opposition; in Leo or Aquarius by square. If in Virgo or Capricorn, the effect is by trine and if in Pisces or Cancer, the transiting aspect is a sextile.

    Neptune: Station— Degrees influenced: in Pisces by conjunction; in Virgo by opposition; in Gemini or Sagittarius by square. If in Cancer or Scorpio, the effect is by trine and if in Taurus or Capricorn, the transiting aspect is a sextile. Degrees influenced: in Capricorn by conjunction; in Cancer by opposition; in Aries or Libra by square. If in Taurus or Virgo, the effect is by trine an if in Pisces or Scorpio, the transiting aspect is a sextile. Now that you have this information, what do you do with it? Professionals and advanced students will already know hopefully!

    Here is a simple guide for the rest:. The ruler of the Celestial Bull is Venus and until May 15 th , she is in Aries so if there is more than just a hint of aggressiveness or assertiveness in relationships this month, you should be aware that the Love Goddess is wearing war paint instead of Revlon for her make-up. This is not much fun as such a contact will bring about very profound power struggles in terms of world politics and world economics much the same. With Pluto near-by at 23 Capricorn and Venus in Aries, conflicts in the global power structure are very likely.

    Please refer to comments under April , and May to add to this scenario.

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    You might wish to study the stations of Saturn and Pluto as given out earlier in this issue of Celestial Happenings to see if this transit affects you more personally. These degrees at the Ascendant are life-changing. You only get one go at the transit of Uranus conjunct your Ascendant in a life-time unless you happen to live much more than 84 years and by then the surprise of your life is that you have lived that long!

    These degrees at the MC, will change the focus of your career.

    How and in what condition would require a close examination of the entire chart—but definite change, of that there will be no doubt! On the world scene, this conjunction comes at the same time as the transit of Saturn conjunct the South Node and the entry of Venus into Aries. When all of these influences are put together, there is an opportunity for strong social demonstrations against existing economic conditions in various countries. I suggest we all stay steady as I do not see the first three weeks of April as being particularly smooth on the service of world events.

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    Neptune Sextile Pluto

    Indeed, deep disturbances are likely to rise to that surface! I am not seeing world war, let me be clear but I am certainly not seeing world peace! I am not a big fan of difficult aspects between Mars and Neptune and especially in these signs. From a Ray-centered orientation, this is a strong conflict in 6 th Ray energy fields.

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    The 6 th Ray is concerned with religion and idealism and Mars square Neptune gives rise to such things as suicide bombers and kamikaze pilots, i. As politics these days has been practiced with religious fervor, I think that this aspect can give rise to political and well as religious idealism or great, harmful foolishness in recent years!

    April Saturn turns retrograde at Although efforts at communicating will be present, there will be difficulty in reaching accords. Differences will outweigh mutual interests; national economic and political interests will outweigh global ones. On a personal level, I have natal Mercury at 20 Aries, so am looking forward to a good day for writing and speaking with others; perhaps with Saturn square this position, I will write about these conflicting situations that is if there are no problems with my own communication networks at the time!