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If a person is born between 17th to 27th August, the Sun remains in the 1st Decan of Leo ruled by Sun. It denotes a frank, generous, and ambitious disposition.

Saturn (transit) effect on Moon Sign Leo:

Fate develops rapidly, and an eventfu life is the outcome of the love of power and the organizing ability. Downfalls and problems are usually the result of hasty and passionate impulses. It provides great vitality and a splendid physique. It suggests a liability towards extremes, making the native more demonstrative, active, and at times rebellious.

It awakens the philosophical side of the nature when the nativity denotes such a possibility. If a person is born between 7th to 16 September, the Sun remains in the 3rd Decan of Leo ruled by Mars. It strengthens the willpower of the sign and adds to the impulsive and persistent. In some instances it provides opportunities to unite head and heart, and the intellect will strengthen the higher emotions providing zeal and ardour. His willpower is controlled by reason and illuminated by intuition.

The Leo is happiest when people surround them, as they are likely to be the center of attention. Leo has a ton of friends.

Career for Leo Ascendant

The Leo makes a great friend; though as they can be playful as a kitten and are always ready to spread their sunshine around. Beware of their competitive side, though. As your friend, Leo wants to be proud of you and will do everything in their power to ensure your success so long as you don't outshine them. Everyone can be friends with a Leo. They don't really discriminate, preferring to have a big mix of people to play with.

Leo always wants the best and might take you out for fancy dinners and such. Do not worry if you can't afford it the generous Leo is quite willing to pay. A friend who is not appreciative enough of the Leo's charms and generosity may not get the chance to show it later. The strength and amorous prowess that Leos possess makes them a natural leader in love. Affairs of the heart will quickly take on a 'me first' quality with the Leo, since they truly believe they are the best and must come first. Leos love to feel good, so they will respond exceptionally well to pampering.

While Leos love to be admired and adored, they can also take the lead in romance, since they believe their strength and power will win the day. A relationship with the daring, yet devoted, Lion will rarely prove dull. This showy cat may need to be lavished with attention, but can also ravish a lover with riches in return. The fiery Leo requires a lover who can keep up with them and certainly one who can match wits.

The ideal Leo soul mate understands the pleasure principle and will work hard to keep their mate satisfied. The Leo may test a lover from time to time to check how much you love them. Love is a most attractive state for Leos, since the pleasure and fun of the love are all qualities which make the Leo glow. Leo child will be sunny and happy. This child craves attention and will employ highly dramatic means to get it if necessary. The highest need revolves around being that center. There is sometimes an almost royal luxuriousness and laziness with the Leo child.

Be sure to give them responsibilities early. They have a tendency to become "bossy" with other children and should be gently persuaded to take turns. The Leo child exudes a special warm radiance which is difficult to resist. The proper use of this charismatic power is part of the lesson to learn.

They need plenty of rest, outdoor exercise, and protein. Leo as parent expects a lot from his child. He is disappointed if the child does not measure up to his ideas. New people will come in contact. You will enhance your knowledge through inspirational literature and may feel enlightened. Between 3rd and 4th you will experience a new surge of positive energy and enthusiasm; some adventurous trip could be planned.

Leo 12222 Horoscope

Family property disputes would be resolved through the intermediation of any influential fellow or senior family member. In government work you may have to spend money.

Moon in Leo Horoscope (All about Leo Moon zodiac sign)

The things will move on as per expected. You will be in hilarious mood; most of the time will go in merrymaking with closed ones. Between 5th and 6th you will emphasize your physical health, may inculcate exercise in daily routine. You will take the things seriously and indulge yourself in long term profession.

Short term benefits will not attract you. You may incur loan to expand business operation.

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On 7th you will have to be cautious and alert while driving your vehicle, take proper safety measures since some minor road accident is suspected. Leo September 8th — 15th Between 8th and 9th you will have many troubles due to the ill effects of Moon in 8th. Saturn Dhaiyya is on which will incur huge money over medication. You may come across with some unpleasant news from the close friends or relatives.

Between 10th and 11th you would be profession centric, significant achievements will pave a solid path to career progress and develop a sense of secured and happy life. Despite of others indifferent behavior you will be kind and considerate for all. Liberally offer your help to the needy persons including relatives and friends.

Between 12th and 13th you will be keen to keen to learn new things.

You will not hesitate to do hard work, performance would be enhanced and you will give your best. Through positive and constructive approach you will find the solution to the problems. At this juncture you would be free from worldly tensions since most of them would be drained off automatically.

Leo Horoscope - Leo Daily Horoscope Today

Between 14th and 15th you will give measures to your capabilities and through tact and prudence you will be successful in enhancing income. You may attain the heights of success. Financially you will be on strong footing. Family atmosphere will be cordial and marital life would be all sugar and honey. Leo September 16th — 23rd Between 16th and 17th you will have tough time due to the adverse effect of planetary combination. In profession you will have to work hard to achieve smaller targets, expenses will be very high which will consume earnings fast; to cope with the situation you may apply drastic cost cutting methods.

Mentally you would be tensed and exhausted which will directly impact familial peace and harmony. Between 18th and 20th you will be blessed by God.

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Earnings will be right in proportion to the application of efforts, you may get some money. During the phase you would be confused and direction less since leaving your professional tasks aside you would be drawn towards the glamorous lifestyle of celebrities. Better to analyze your condition and work accordingly. Between 21st and 22nd you may meet any saint like fellow who will guide you the right path of life.

You will be highly inspired by him and act accordingly. You will come back on the original track. You will be kind and considerate for all; this attitude will bring people closer. Socially you would be popular and people will love to be in your company. On 23rd you may initiate new project, in the starting you may face difficulties but later on it will give you handsome returns. You will be strong and confident and hopeful for the new work. Leo September 24th — 30th On 24th you will realize the value of time and will not waste it.

In profession you will be highly dedicated and focused, work efficiency will be high and it will be appreciated with proper remuneration.