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This means you can easily win the heart of a fellow Capricorn since you do share many traits! You like partners who are reliable and intelligent. When you get the right partner, you can commit for a lifetime. It is noteworthy, though, that you do not rush to get into relationships. You bid your time, carefully studying your potential partner to evaluate their suitability. In fact, you prefer to focus on other spheres of your life instead of rushing into a relationship. For this reason, your moves tend to be unpredictable.

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People are unable to guess correctly when you will commit. But, the stars alignment shows that you are likely to settle down with a Virgo or Taurus. You share a great deal with these individuals. As love matters go, my advice to you is to avoid a Sagittarius partner as much as you can. Your horoscope shows that you are least compatible with these individuals.

You come across as a well-motivated, caring soul. You have an inborn quality to provide leadership whenever called upon. It is no wonder, then, that you end up rising fast in the corporate environment. People admire you for your humility. This, coupled with your wisdom, has made you into the darling of your family members and colleagues alike.

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You need to create time to meditate and rediscover yourself. This is because you tend to be a workaholic. You are a likely candidate for burnout if you do not take steps to forestall this. Find a peaceful and tranquil place where you can hibernate for retreat. Those born on January 9 easily see the big picture. To you, life is an opportunity that should never be let slip by.

However, you often fail to connect the reality with what you actually ought to achieve. Your high level of responsibility ensures that you take good care of your family. You are present to offer guidance and support when they need it.

In fact, you would rather spend time with your family than go out to have a good time. However, you need to be wary of a few shortcomings in your life. For one, you need to re-focus your life to the right endeavors. You often spend a lot of time and energy dealing with none issues. Also, try to be more outgoing and optimistic. Avoid being caught in dark thoughts that will ruin your chance of enjoying what life has to offer.

Learn to be adventurous, to have fun. Be practical too. They may end up manipulating you, and this could lead to frustration.


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Due to the significant cosmic influences on their lives, people born on January 9 have some common characteristics. They exhibit a remarkable level of positivity towards wealth acquisition and power. You know that success calls for hard work. As such, you put a lot of premium on your career. You are keen to scale the ladder of corporate success. Your driving force in life is to achieve as much as you can within the shortest time possible. Interestingly, your love for work does not in any way dim your commitment to your family and loved ones. Planetary influences on your life have seen to it that you have an almost perfect balance between work and family.

This is not a mean feat — many other people are unable to achieve it! On the downside, you need to pay closer attention to your health needs. You are not always in tune with your body, and you may miss some telltale sign of ill health. Take time to listen to your body. Go out more often and have fun! According to your horoscope, you are meant to make it big in the corporate world. However, this comes with a rider. You need to stand up for yourself when the need arises. Do not be too cautious in your career progression. Mars Sextile Pluto in the New Year sky brings good news in the form of a raise, a hot connection with your beloved, or the freedom of releasing something that no longer serves you.

If you have some problem solving or relationship healing or freeing to do, this is a great week to have a heart to heart and level with the other party to find a win win solution.

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This is also a beneficial time to energize group projects or work towards goals you set on the last New Moon. The Full Moon in Cancer on Thursday brings out emotional sensitivity more than any other moon. Both the Moon and Cancer conjure feminine qualities and archetypes such as the nurturing mother. We have some rituals, recipes and moonlore for you on the blog including directions for making a warming winter tea, salmon cakes with magic Moon sauce, an acorn squash and spinach mash, and some baked molasses apples you can turn into a yummy apple butter to nourish yourself and your family.

Over the weekend Mars will approach his conjunction to Chiron giving you an opportunity to send some TLC to your masculine or paternal side. You may feel an urge to protect, provide or conquer. This transit in a way, is a call to express anger in healthy ways: take a self-defense course, express extra physical energy with a long workout, heal relationships with men. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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